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The new standard of bulk parts cleaning 

Conserve your resources 


Less production costs, less production time 


Screws, nuts, stamped and pressed parts leave the production process clean and free of grease.

Environmentally friendly

Sorted oil recovery of over 95% of the production oil through turbo de-oiling.

Comprehensive customer service

Precisely tailored to your wishes

Even before 1993, the year our company was founded in Walldorf, we had a vision: to clean screws, nuts, stamped and pressed parts during the production process and thereby recover the oil. With our inline cleaning systems, we have implemented this idea with a special cleaning technology. The mass-produced parts are thoroughly cleaned, the oil is recovered in an environmentally friendly manner, the production process runs smoothly and the series parts are grease-free and clean for sale or further processing.

We implemented the basic idea of combining production and cleaning in mass production of parts, i.e. inline cleaning, as early as 1993 with our stamping and forming machine (WAB) for plain bearing production. The success motivated us to develop further inline cleaning systems. In the meantime, our inline cleaning systems with oil recovery are used worldwide in mass production of parts. Well-known production companies all over the world trust in our inline cleaning systems with oil recovery, our innovative strength and quality made in Germany.

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