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Part de-oiling and oil recovery on a footprint of less than 1 m² ! 

The Turbo-Clean® TS50 de-oiling centrifuge is a high-performance continuous flow machine for mass-produced parts such as screws, nuts, stamped parts, pressed and turned parts. The Turbo-Clean® TS50 removes oil quickly and thoroughly. At the same time, companies save oil with this inline cleaning machine, because with turbo de-oiling, over 95% of the production oil is recovered sorted and fed back into the production process. This is economical and environmentally friendly!

The Turbo-Clean® TS50 can be operated centrally or decentrally in inline operation, either automatically or manually. The de-oiling centrifuge works in a continuous flow system.

Warm or cold air can optionally be switched on after the de-oiling process and for drying

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