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De-oiling - spray cleaning - drying - preservation on a floor space of less than 2.5 m²!

The Turbo-Clean® WT30 is a high performance inline washer for mass produced parts capable of recovering up to 95% of the production oil. Industrial mass-produced parts such as screws, nuts, etc. are de-oiled, cleaned, burnished and preserved in a continuous process. The Turbo-Clean® WT can be operated centrally or decentrally in inline operation, either automatically or manually.

Up to 95% of the production oil is sorted back into the production machine. After the spin cycle, detergent is pumped into the drum. The centrifugal force tears the cleaner through the parts. Not only the outer parts are cleaned, but the cleaning agent also penetrates the inner parts. The washing times are adjustable.
After washing, a drying process follows, which can also be regulated.
Corrosion protection or coatings are also possible.

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