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Ultrasonic cleaning - drying - conservation on a footprint of less than 1.5 m²!

The inline cleaning machine Turbo-Clean® SF 500-2 is a high-performance cleaning machine, also for more sensitive mass-produced parts. These are individually and continuously wet-chemically cleaned and dried in a continuous process in the immersion bath, depending on the cleaning requirement with the use of ultrasound. The special thing about the SF 500-2 is that it has a two-stage design, so that rinsing stages or additional post-drying are possible in one run. Further modular construction is possible.

The items to be cleaned – sensitive mass-produced parts – are metered in and slide into the cleaning chamber. Optimum cleaning results can be achieved in a short time through vibration of the cleaning medium, continuously high medium throughput and additional use of ultrasound. After the washing process, the parts are conveyed out of the bath, rinsed and dried.
The Turbo-Clean® SF 500-2 can be operated centrally or decentrally in inline operation, either automatically or manually.
With individual operation, the parts are fed in doses via a bunker chute. This enables a fully automatic cycle without the use of personnel.

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