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Part de-oiling and oil recovery on a footprint of less than 2.5 m²!

The Turbo-Clean® WS30 de-oiling centrifuge was specially developed for the industrial cleaning of large mass parts and throughputs. This high-performance continuous flow machine also works as a de-oiling centrifuge, which recovers over 95% of the production oil sorted in the in-line cleaning process. Our customers appreciate the high oil recovery, environmental friendliness and economy of this high-performance inline cleaning machine for larger mass-produced parts and throughputs.

The Turbo-Clean® WS30 can be operated centrally or decentrally in inline operation, either automatically or manually. The de-oiling centrifuge works in a continuous flow system.

Warm or cold air can optionally be switched on after the de-oiling process and for drying.

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