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About Turbo-Clean

Turbo-Clean GmbH Sondermaschinenbau is a worldwide supplying company for inline
Cleaning systems and punching and bending machines. About their three divisions
(centrifugal oil recovery, intermediate and final cleaning in spray and immersion
Ultrasonic processes, stamping and bending technology for the production of plain bearing bushes)
Turbo-Clean GmbH develops, produces and markets customer-specific
Cleaning concepts and their mechanical implementation.

Turbo-Clean GmbH is active in product markets with high growth, which are characterized by
constantly growing demands on product purity, set-up time optimization,
Minimizing transport routes and sustainable management.

Turbo-Clean GmbH is geared towards technological improvements that make it possible
intermediate and/or final cleaning systems integrated directly into the production line
to produce in the smallest space with simultaneously adapted throughput times. Turbo clean
GmbH is a world leader in this field thanks to its patent-protected products
Inline cleaning (in the immersion ultrasonic process) in continuous flow or
batch operation.

Turbo-Clean GmbH is one of the most innovative partners in the field of inline cleaning at the
Mass production of parts in connection with the requirements set by the industry. The
continuous development of ever better solutions forms the basis for the
excellent market position of Turbo-Clean GmbH.

The aim of Turbo-Clean GmbH is to provide the most process-reliable and highly developed inline
Cleaning systems and their peripheral components (conveyor technology, bath maintenance,
filter technology) that make it possible to add value to the company
increase. Furthermore, Turbo-Clean GmbH guarantees high quality and constant innovation
and consistent customer orientation.


Even before 1993, the year our company was founded in Walldorf, we had a vision: to clean screws, nuts, stamped and pressed parts during the production process and thereby recover the oil. With our inline cleaning systems, we have implemented this idea with a special cleaning technology. The mass-produced parts are thoroughly cleaned, the oil is recovered in an environmentally friendly manner, the production process runs smoothly and the series parts are grease-free and clean for sale or further processing.

We implemented the basic idea of combining production and cleaning in mass production of parts, i.e. inline cleaning, as early as 1993 with our stamping and forming machine (WAB) for plain bearing production. The success motivated us to develop further inline cleaning systems. In the meantime, our inline cleaning systems with oil recovery are used worldwide in mass production of parts. Well-known production companies all over the world trust in our inline cleaning systems with oil recovery, our innovative strength and quality made in Germany.

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